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Taking your perfume...

out of the box !

Have you been looking for something truly individual and unique? Something you can call your very own ‘signature scent’. A fragrance to have them all guessing 'what is that'? Haunting, beautiful, mysterious...the embodiment of you? Only to find yourself uninspired by the ‘same-old' (same-new) high street offerings that everyone's wearing already?

Since 1996, Woodfordes have been thinking ‘outside of the box’. Sourcing original ranges from small, individual perfumeries that rarely make it to department store shelves, some of our fragrances are the creations of new, up-and-coming perfumers; others perhaps are the neglected classics from small, historic perfume houses that modernity has (thankfully) passed by.

Whether you are on a journey of invention or re-invention, whether its your first visit or a return to this site, with over 200 fragrance choices in the following pages we'll endevour to have the good scents to inspire you. Welcome to Woodfordes! We hope you enjoy your stay.


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To read more about our choice of scents, or more importantly perhaps, how to choose the perfect scent for you, we've a range of articles to help you learn more about what goes into your perfume and what will make it right for you. We've also got some great style suggestions.

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For those who already know their minds, details of our mail order service and our 24-hour telephone order line. For those who want to experience the collection in person before committing to purchase, there's also an introduction to the Sidmouth shop... 

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A chance to get down and personal with our perfume collection. Read the background to our fragrance houses, the motives of their creators and the inspiration behind each scent. Your chance to peruse a full list of ingredients and smelling notes at your leisure...

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The Eagle of Victory

La "Victoire", the famous victory at Wagram against the Austrian Empire, made Napoleon Boneparte in 1809 master over all Europe. Once again his genius prevailed over a numerous, well-armed enemy led by expert generals, ...
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