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Other items with the tag 'Woody':

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Tag was found in Hélène (Woody Spicy Musky Oriental) by Rance 1795

Hélène Eau de Parfum 100ml "Jean Rancé, son of François, the founder of the Rancé perfumery in 1795, was a fervant follower of Napoleon and dedicated this creation to the Emperor's daughter, Hélène. "

Tag was found in Calamity J (Woody) by Juliette has a Gun

Calamity J Eau de Parfum 100ml "Here is an idea Romano Ricci always wanted to develop ! With his 4th episode, the creator offers the image of a more masculine Juliette, whose desire is somehow to get done with classical Romanticism, escaping the traditional perfume stereotypes: goodbye flowery, sugary and fruity notes, let’s leave room to a new type of fragrance: the masculine scent for woman."

Tag was found in Not a Perfume (Clean Woody) by Juliette has a Gun

Not a Perfume Eau de (not a) Parfum 100ml ""Cetalox is one of my favourite ingredients. Usually used as a bottom note, I decided it would play here the lead role."



Tag was found in Partis Pris (Woody Floral) by Terry de Gunzberg

Partis Pris Eau de Parfum 100ml "In a mysterious and sophistated woody-floral, Terry has pushed boundaries here through the use of exotic and rare materials little before seen in perfumery. Partis-Pris has redefined the modern classic!"

Tag was found in Forte + Forte (Citrus Woody) by Profumi Del Forte

Forte + Forte Eau de Parfum 100ml "Pungent and tangy. The citrus elements are expressed in a wave of freshness that awakens the senses and fills the body with renewed vitality."

Tag was found in By Night - Nero (Floral Woody) by Profumi Del Forte

By Night - Nero Eau de Parfum "Evening in Forte dei Marmi; an atmosphere of old world romanticism. The brightest stars catch my gaze. The sovereigns of the night in their clothes of unparalleled elegance. Black and white."

Tag was found in Versilia Platinum (Woody Chypre) by Profumi Del Forte

Versilia Platinum Eau de Parfum "The synthesis of seemingly irreconcilable forces. Just like platinum summarizes the sum of the gifts of every precious metal, this fragrances has a composite soul, enigmatic in ongoing succession of notes: sometimes fresh, sometimes warm, sometimes woody or chypré. The Maitre Parfumeur's inspiration derives from the contrast between the coast and the moutains of Versilia, between the heated seaside atmosphere and the harsh peaks: opposites that are never-the-less united in one of Italy's most beautiful views..."

Tag was found in Black Amber (Woody Oriental) by Agonist

Black Amber Eau de Parfum 50ml "This fragrance takes you on a journey into the deep ambery core of the forest."

Tag was found in Onyx Pearl (Woody Floral) by Agonist

Onyx Pearl Eau de Parfum "Inspired by the intriguing and complex photography of Guy Bourdain."

Tag was found in TRAYEE (Warm Spicy Smokey Woody) by Neela Vermeire

TRAYEE Vedic Era "Trayee is a complex fragrance that represents the boundless spiritual landscape of the great Vedic period, which started many centuries ago: its intricate rituals and temple ceremonies, ayurveda, the universe of yoga and the holistic quest for knowledge. The perfume itself has a high percentage of natural ingredients used in many of the Vedic ceremonies."

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