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Other items with the tag 'Spicy':

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Tag was found in Encens Flamboyant (Oriental Spicy) by Goutal

Encens Flamboyant Eau de Parfum 100ml "Fascinated by the Orient and its mysteries, Camille Goutal and the perfumer, Isabelle Doyen wanted to return to the very origin of scents with this beautiful incense creation. "

Tag was found in Hélène (Woody Spicy Musky Oriental) by Rance 1795

Hélène Eau de Parfum 100ml "Jean Rancé, son of François, the founder of the Rancé perfumery in 1795, was a fervant follower of Napoleon and dedicated this creation to the Emperor's daughter, Hélène. "

Tag was found in Black Jade (Spicy Floral) by Lubin

Black Jade Eau de Toilette 50ml "A black jade bottle once held the last remaining scents of a secret garden. The discovery of its formula, hidden deep in the House of Lubin archives and orginally copied by an indiscreet apprentice, has finally revealed its mysteries. "

Tag was found in Laetitia (Fresh Spicy Amber) by Rance 1795

Laetitia Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1806 for the mother of the emperor, this perfume has been recreated using only natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is one the most elegant and sophisticated fragrances ever made. And it's back!"

Tag was found in Saffron Rose (Spicy Rose) by Grossmith

Saffron Rose Eau de Parfum "The heart is comprised of exotic myrrh, oud wood and tobacco, which lend a stunning smoky quality to the fragrance, developing into a luxurious base of creamy woods, labdanum and dark animalic accords."

Tag was found in Root of all Goodness (Woody Spicy Leather) by Parterre

Root of all Goodness Eau de Parfum "Warm and enveloping with an aromatic heart and a touch of spicy ginger, this perfume is a celebration of Parterre's successful experiment in English grown vetiver.

Tag was found in Vento nel Vento (Woody Spicy) by Bois

Vento nel Vento Eau de Parfum "A memorable and impacting debut; an enveloping swirl of mellow petal of Peony into which explosive spicy notes of Elemi and Pink Pepper insert themselves."

Tag was found in Nuit Rouge (Green Soft Spicy) by Antonio Alessandria

Nuit Rouge Eau de Parfum 50ml "Nuit Rouge, the second in "lunar trilogy" is perhaps one of the most startling perfumes creations ever, with a true power to surprise without ever losing sight of a seductive charm..."

Tag was found in Noir Obscur (Amber Oriental Spicy Woody) by Antonio Alessandria

Noir Obscur Eau de Parfum 50ml "An ode to the new moon when, hidden completely by shadow and totally black, it is but ever present, influencing our lives in a subtle but powerful way."

Tag was found in Malus (Spicy Oriental) by Nobile

Malus "Hidden and overwhelming truths hide imperturbably in our subconscious and force us to manipulate reality"

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