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Other items with the tag 'Oriental':

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Tag was found in Phul Nana (Floral Oriental) by Grossmith

Phul Nana Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1891, this scent is a rare marriage of the herb garden with the flower garden, unusual in a feminine fragrance. It paved the way for the ‘oriental’ fragrances that were to follow."

Tag was found in Hasu no Hana (Oriental) by Grossmith

Hasu no Hana Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1888 this scent has a timeless quality which comes from its pioneering spirit. From the dawn of modern creative perfumery it is one of the scents that paved the way for modern fragrances."

Tag was found in Songes (Floral Oriental) by Goutal

Songes Eau de Toilette "Songes is perfect for a woman who is inspired by the exotic. She is an incurable romantic, sensual and feminine. She will be bewitched by this voluptuous fragrance, evocative of dreams and poetry."

Tag was found in Tabac Blond (Leather Oriental) by Parfums Caron

Tabac Blond Eau de Parfum "Tabac Blond, created in 1919 with the unique scent of undried (blond) tabacco became a scent in tune with its times and one which even today has the power to shock."

Tag was found in Nuit de Noel (Oriental) by Parfums Caron

Nuit de Noel Perfume Extract "Created in 1922 and the perfumer Daltroff's christmas gift to Felicie Wanpouille, Nuit de Noel is considered one of Caron's most legendary perfumes."

Tag was found in Royal Bain de Caron (Oriental) by Parfums Caron

Royal Bain de Caron Eau de Toilette "Notes of iris, opoponax and styrax combine to create such a hauntingly resinous creation - quite unlike anything created before or since - that one can easily understand why it attracted the myth that to smell it would give one a narcotic high!"

Tag was found in Parfum Sacre (Floral Oriental) by Parfums Caron

Parfum Sacre Eau de Parfum "Parfum Sacre is an perfectly balanced oriental. Top notes of rose and lemon blend harmoniously with a spicey heart created from mace and cardamon and pepper, underpinned by a smooth balsamic myrrh, warm amber and smokey vanilla. "

Tag was found in Ambre et Vanille (Oriental) by E. Coudray

Ambre et Vanille Eau de Toilette "Amber and vanilla have been used in combination as a base note for perfumes by almost every fragrance house in the last hundred years. Here, Coudray have pared away the superfluous the reveal the base ingredients."

Tag was found in Vanille et Coco (Oriental Vanilla Coconut) by E. Coudray

Vanille et Coco Eau de Toilette "Vanille et Coco is an oriental woody fragrance for women based around vanilla and coconut. It was first launched in 1989 and has been described as an "exotic, smooth and sensual scent that is a wickedly delicious cocktail that is simply irresistible". "

Tag was found in Le Parfum (Vanilla Oriental) by Lalique

Le Parfum Eau de Parfum 50ml "Le Parfum is another great classical and timeless creation. Elegant, rare of exceptional quality, Le Parfum is a true luxury product rightly positioned in the Woodforde's selective universe of "Haute" perfumery."

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