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Other items with the tag 'Oriental':

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Tag was found in Phul Nana (Floral Oriental) by Grossmith

Phul Nana Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1891, this scent is a rare marriage of the herb garden with the flower garden, unusual in a feminine fragrance. It paved the way for the ‘oriental’ fragrances that were to follow."

Tag was found in Hasu no Hana (Oriental) by Grossmith

Hasu no Hana Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1888 this scent has a timeless quality which comes from its pioneering spirit. From the dawn of modern creative perfumery it is one of the scents that paved the way for modern fragrances."

Tag was found in Songes (Floral Oriental) by Goutal

Songes Eau de Toilette "Songes is perfect for a woman who is inspired by the exotic. She is an incurable romantic, sensual and feminine. She will be bewitched by this voluptuous fragrance, evocative of dreams and poetry."

Tag was found in Encens Flamboyant (Oriental Spicy) by Goutal

Encens Flamboyant Eau de Parfum 100ml "Fascinated by the Orient and its mysteries, Camille Goutal and the perfumer, Isabelle Doyen wanted to return to the very origin of scents with this beautiful incense creation. "

Tag was found in Hélène (Woody Spicy Musky Oriental) by Rance 1795

Hélène Eau de Parfum 100ml "Jean Rancé, son of François, the founder of the Rancé perfumery in 1795, was a fervant follower of Napoleon and dedicated this creation to the Emperor's daughter, Hélène. "

Tag was found in Paisley (Floral Fruity Oriental) by Etro

Paisley Eau de Parfum 50ml "Cardamom marries the glowing inspiration of pink pepper, ennobled by suave bergamot and blackcurrants. Eastern influences continue in jasmine sambac and ylang-ylang. The body is aroused by the sensual aromas of vanilla and patchouli floating over a velvety carpet of grey ambergris."

Tag was found in Bal a Versailles (Floral Oriental) by Bal a Versailles

Bal a Versailles Eau de Toilette 100ml "With three rose varieties - Bulgarian (the world's finest), Anatolian, and Rose de Mai (from Grasse), Bal a Versaille luxuriates in an indulgent dark heart of Jasmine..."

Tag was found in Santal Majuscule (Oriental) by Serge Lutens

Santal Majuscule Eau de Parfum "Serge continues his journey into childhood memories with Santal Majuscule. In the French language, majuscule is a word used to denote a capital letter. "

Tag was found in Versilia Vintage - Ambra Mediterranea (Amber Oriental) by Profumi Del Forte

Versilia Vintage - Ambra Mediterranea Eau de Parfum "Profumi del Forte encapsulate in Versilia Vintage the finest years of the eternal Versilian myth. Experiences which still have the promise of life and future, of vibrant curiosity, of excellance."

Tag was found in Rajasthan (Musky oriental) by Etro

Rajasthan Eau de Parfum "Rajasthan tells the tale of the constant traveller moving into colourful Maharajaha cities in the East, as each sensual scent reveals the inherent femininity, passion and elegance of the nomadic soul..."

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