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Other items with the tag 'Musky':

Tag was found in Hélène (Woody Spicy Musky Oriental) by Rance 1795

Hélène Eau de Parfum 100ml "Jean Rancé, son of François, the founder of the Rancé perfumery in 1795, was a fervant follower of Napoleon and dedicated this creation to the Emperor's daughter, Hélène. "

Tag was found in Via Verri (Fresh Musky) by Etro

Via Verri Eau de Toilette "Like the coolness of a stone courtyard patterned with the shadows of moss and rose and jasmine blossoms, in the heat of a Milanese summer, in another century, in another millennium..."

Tag was found in Fiorisia (Floral Musky) by Profumi Del Forte

Fiorisia Eau de Parfum 100ml "A floral bouquet with a great personality, rich in modulations: the enveloping warmth of jasmine, the spicy persistent note of carnation, the intense sweetness of ylang-ylang. "

Tag was found in Tirrenico (Musky Marine) by Profumi Del Forte

Tirrenico Eau de Parfum 75ml "A fresh harmony of marine and citrus notes with a fruity and floral aromatic heart. A touch of Philippine elemi and musk complete the fragrance."

Tag was found in Rajasthan (Musky oriental) by Etro

Rajasthan Eau de Parfum "Rajasthan tells the tale of the constant traveller moving into colourful Maharajaha cities in the East, as each sensual scent reveals the inherent femininity, passion and elegance of the nomadic soul..."

Tag was found in L'Orpheline (Musky Woody Incense) by Serge Lutens

L'Orpheline Eau de Parfum "L'Orpheline...the little orphan girl. Fragile but whole. Once again Serge returns to his Moroccan home for a big warm woody scent full of intrigue and memories."

Tag was found in Jacquard (Musky Floral) by Etro

Jacquard Portrait of a Lady "Abandon convention, the challenge is rediscovery: the sensuality of a floral bouquet, the nocturnal notes of wood and spice, and, above all, the unique nuances that speak to individual style."

Tag was found in La Religieuse (Musky Floral) by Serge Lutens

La Religieuse Eau de Parfum "This fragrance is a very wearable and highly desirable musky floral. The jasmine is sweet and fresh and the musk, civet, incense undertones provide just the right amount of contrast to balance the creation beautifully."

Tag was found in Clair de Musc (Aldehydic Musky) by Serge Lutens

Clair de Musc Eau de Parfum "A pure, smooth, crisp musk, for centuries the ingredient used as one of the most sensual and exceptional components of perfume making."