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Other items with the tag 'Green':

Tag was found in Fragrant Delice (Fresh Green Floral) by Terry de Gunzberg

Fragrant Delice Eau de Parfum 100ml "Dazzlingly fresh and green, with hints of citrus, this blend of sun-ripened fig and warm almond milk invokes sun in a mediterranean field from Terry's childhood."

Tag was found in Frescoamaro (Green Equatic) by Profumi Del Forte

Frescoamaro Eau de Parfum 100ml "An original plot of green notes and fruity scents in the heart of a perfume that is constantly changing."

Tag was found in Isis (Green Vanilla) by Agonist

Isis Eau de Parfum "Inspired by the exact moment when a bud bursts and new life begins. This fresh and vibrant fragrance is a true work of art."

Tag was found in ASHOKA (Woody Green Fresh Floral) by Neela Vermeire

ASHOKA Imperialist Buddhist "Ashoka, is a tribute to an emperor who was conquered by his own compassion at the moment his victory was assured. His own evolution from ruthless conqueror to benevolent emperor is reflected in Ashoka’s journey from the fierce opening to a softly floral heart and the gentle embrace of its richly complex drydown."

Tag was found in Vent de Folie (Green Fruity Floral) by Goutal

Vent de Folie 50ml Eau de Toilette "Free, following her instinct, inflamed by the thrill of the city, this young woman tempts chance, transforming moments of craziness into glorious feats..."