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Other items with the tag 'Green':

Tag was found in Ninfeo Mio (Citrus Green) by Goutal

Ninfeo Mio Eau de Toilette 100ml "A lively and vivacious perfume, Ninfeo Mio is a heady mix of lush garden scents, from the woody accord of the lemon-tree and the breathtaking vapour of bitter orange to the intoxicating aroma of lavender and the warm, milky softness of the fig-leaf. "

Tag was found in Frescoamaro (Green Equatic) by Profumi Del Forte

Frescoamaro Eau de Parfum 100ml "An original plot of green notes and fruity scents in the heart of a perfume that is constantly changing."

Tag was found in Stella Cadente (Green Floral) by Linari

Stella Cadente "A muliti-faceted green-oriental bouquet with rich floral notes and a strong opulent base.

Tag was found in Porta del Cielo (Green Floral) by Linari

Porta del Cielo "A celestial interaction of opulent fruity notes of sun-ripened Calabrian bergamot, juicy Pineapple and crispy raspberry merge with floral accords

Tag was found in Balmy Days and Sundays (Green Floral) by Ineke

Balmy Days and Sundays Eau de Parfum 75ml "Green notes of foliage and grass are entwined with the sweet scent of yellow freesia, honeysuckle and rose. "

Tag was found in Hothouse Flower (Green Gardenia soliflore) by Ineke

Hothouse Flower Eau de Parfum 75ml "A gardenia “soliflore” (single flower) that is particularly green and aromatic with notes of galbanum, fig, cypress and absinthe."

Tag was found in Nacre Blanche (Floral Green Amber Oriental) by Antonio Alessandria

Nacre Blanche Eau de Parfum 50ml "The first perfume of the "lunar" trio is Nacre Blanche, (white "mother of pearl"), a powerful floral centred around the tuberose plant..."

Tag was found in Nuit Rouge (Green Soft Spicy) by Antonio Alessandria

Nuit Rouge Eau de Parfum 50ml "Nuit Rouge, the second in "lunar trilogy" is perhaps one of the most startling perfumes creations ever, with a true power to surprise without ever losing sight of a seductive charm..."

Tag was found in Scent 774 (Fresh Green Floral) by Jamal

Scent 774 "The immensely valuable cargoes of rare spices and raw material carried to England in the merchant ships of the 17th Century combined with a modern palette of zingy fresh greenery."