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Other items with the tag 'Fruity':

Tag was found in Lubin de Lubin (Floral Fruity Chypre) by Lubin

Lubin de Lubin Eau de Toilette 50ml "Lubin de Lubin, the heady scent from the seventies, was favoured by pop idols on the disco dance floors. The Indian wood notes and spices from Siam are overlaid with a refreshing blend of Tuscan flowers and Sicilian lemons. The Iris of Florence gently washes over the top notes, which are smoothly fruity and floral. "

Tag was found in Paisley (Floral Fruity Oriental) by Etro

Paisley Eau de Parfum 50ml "Cardamom marries the glowing inspiration of pink pepper, ennobled by suave bergamot and blackcurrants. Eastern influences continue in jasmine sambac and ylang-ylang. The body is aroused by the sensual aromas of vanilla and patchouli floating over a velvety carpet of grey ambergris."

Tag was found in Vaiana Dea (Fruity Floral) by Profumi Del Forte

Vaiana Dea Eau de Parfum "A fine weave of sweetness. Fresh fruit and vibrant notes of aldehyde. Velvety milky accents. Sensual tuberose, entwining its floral grace with the delicious accents of honey, cocoa and vanilla..."

Tag was found in Angelo di Fiume (Fruity Vanilla) by Linari

Angelo di Fiume "As ethereal and sensual as an angel. A gourmet of opulent, fruity notes of wild cherries, raspberries, Italian orange and bergamot."

Tag was found in Capelli d'Oro (Fruity Floral) by Linari

Capelli d'Oro "A tangy accord of mandarin and juicy bergamot, combined with a luminous heart note of water jasmine, grapefruit and fine Turkish rose, enriched with a hint of magnolia. "

Tag was found in Malia (Fruity Floral) by Nobile

Malia "With a structure that tells of a feisty female, the perfumer also wanted it to recall that sometimes a person may simply capture our hearts. But is it all just fate, or is it witchcraft?"

Tag was found in Shamal (Fruity Oriental) by Nobile

Shamal "There is a moment in the desert that leaves observers in total awe. It happens when the day makes way for the night and the sky transforms, taking on shades from black to blue; when the stars fill the heavens to keep the moon company. It is breath-taking. Unique and irresistible."

Tag was found in Shangtung (Fruity Oriental) by Etro

Shangtung Eau de Parfum "Shangtung perfume, like silk, is an easy wear. It is soft, gentle and smooth, durable and versatile, and is an excellant day-wear scent. But like silk, enhanced with its mandarine and lychee opening, there's a touch of oriental luxury, opulence, and mystery, such that Shangtung represents one of the best defined fragrances from the Etro house in years..."