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Other items with the tag 'Fresh':

Tag was found in Un Matin d'Orage (Fresh Floral) by Goutal

Un Matin d'Orage Eau de Parfum 100ml "If you only buy one scent this year, this is has to be the one. A sensational creation by Elizabeth Doyen and the most haunting to be released by Annick Goutal to date. "

Tag was found in Eugenie (Floral Fresh Amber) by Rance 1795

Eugenie 100ml Eau de Parfum "Eugenie is the exaltation of the grace and charm of a most refined woman: unostentatious, delicate and a penetrating beauty...beauty that conquers. "

Tag was found in Via Verri (Fresh Musky) by Etro

Via Verri Eau de Toilette "Like the coolness of a stone courtyard patterned with the shadows of moss and rose and jasmine blossoms, in the heat of a Milanese summer, in another century, in another millennium..."

Tag was found in Laetitia (Fresh Spicy Amber) by Rance 1795

Laetitia Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1806 for the mother of the emperor, this perfume has been recreated using only natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is one the most elegant and sophisticated fragrances ever made. And it's back!"

Tag was found in Run of the River (Citrus Aromatic Fresh) by Parterre

Run of the River Eau de Parfum "A splash of refreshing lemon and lime mingles with aromatic elements of bergamot, mint and lemon thyme layered on clary sage and orange flower.

Tag was found in Mare Pacifico (Fresh Marine) by Linari

Mare Pacifico "Irresistibly seductive and radiant like the infinite Pacific Ocean, enticing salty and cool aquatic notes surrounded by fresh French moss."

Tag was found in Derring Do (Fresh Fougere) by Ineke

Derring Do Eau de Parfum 75ml "Derring-Do fearlessly combines classic fougère notes with the bracing scent of early morning spring rain. "

Tag was found in Udaipur (Fresh Citrus Floral) by Etro

Udaipur Eau de Parfum "The new perfume of the house which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. The coming together of two worlds starts with the name: Udaipur, the white city of Rajastan overlooking Lake Pichola, known as the Venice of the East..."

Tag was found in Scent 774 (Fresh Green Floral) by Jamal

Scent 774 "The immensely valuable cargoes of rare spices and raw material carried to England in the merchant ships of the 17th Century combined with a modern palette of zingy fresh greenery."

Tag was found in Fleurs d'Oranger (Fresh Floral Oriental) by Serge Lutens

Fleurs d'Oranger Eau de Parfum "This is an airy and dazzling scent; a celebration of Neroli and Orange Blossom. Serge descibes his creation as "an innocent, reminiscent of a summer breeze". "