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Other items with the tag 'Floral':

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Tag was found in Un Matin d'Orage (Fresh Floral) by Goutal

Un Matin d'Orage Eau de Parfum 100ml "If you only buy one scent this year, this is has to be the one. A sensational creation by Elizabeth Doyen and the most haunting to be released by Annick Goutal to date. "

Tag was found in Phul Nana (Floral Oriental) by Grossmith

Phul Nana Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1891, this scent is a rare marriage of the herb garden with the flower garden, unusual in a feminine fragrance. It paved the way for the ‘oriental’ fragrances that were to follow."

Tag was found in Shem el Nessim (Floral) by Grossmith

Shem el Nessim Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1906, this rich, luxurious creation typifies the L’Origan style with its warm, soft, powdery, floral aspect. A scent which personifies the Edwardian era in which femininity was fêted."

Tag was found in Songes (Floral Oriental) by Goutal

Songes Eau de Toilette "Songes is perfect for a woman who is inspired by the exotic. She is an incurable romantic, sensual and feminine. She will be bewitched by this voluptuous fragrance, evocative of dreams and poetry."

Tag was found in Nuits de Cellophane (Floral) by Serge Lutens

Nuits de Cellophane Eau de Parfum "The cellophane wrapped bouquet of flowers was the source of inspiration for the scent."

Tag was found in Narcisse Noir (Rich Floral) by Parfums Caron

Narcisse Noir Perfume Extract "Narcisse Noir has endured as one of the greatest Caron classics, a combination of the purity of the Narcissus and the stark whispering beauty of the colour black. This timeless fragrance is an invitation to succumb to a swirl of intoxicating florals."

Tag was found in Nocturnes (Floral Aldehydic) by Parfums Caron

Nocturnes Eau de Toilette 100ml "Created in 1981 by the perfumer Gerard Lefort, Nocturnes is said to be a modern reinterpretation of the 1922 Caron classic Nuit de Noel. Uniquely, it manages to combine both cleaness and elegance."

Tag was found in Parfum Sacre (Floral Oriental) by Parfums Caron

Parfum Sacre Eau de Parfum "Parfum Sacre is an perfectly balanced oriental. Top notes of rose and lemon blend harmoniously with a spicey heart created from mace and cardamon and pepper, underpinned by a smooth balsamic myrrh, warm amber and smokey vanilla. "

Tag was found in Fleur de Rocailles (Floral) by Parfums Caron

Fleur de Rocailles Eau de Toilette "Launched in 1993 as a lighter, modernised version of the 1933 Caron classic Fleurs de Rocailles, Fleur de Rocailles draws in influence from the "balance of contrasts" - the softness of the flower against the hardness of the rock; the classic traditional scent versus the energy and innovation of youth... "

Tag was found in Pour Une Femme (Floral Musky) by Parfums Caron

Pour Une Femme Eau de Parfum "The scent of Pour une Femme brings out the sensuousness and gentleness of the woman who wears it. The perfumer chose the queen of flowers whose scent is elusive and volatile, subtle or heady, fresh or sensuous, and so feminine: the rose..."

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