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Other items with the tag 'Citrus':

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Tag was found in Lalique White (Citrus Spicy) by Lalique

Lalique White Eau de Toilette 75ml ""Light symbolises knowledge and illumination. Light is a source of energy and heat. From heat, expertise in crystal is born. Radiance, transparency and sparkle: Lalique is the Sculptor of Light. White emerges from a blend of every colour.""

Tag was found in Vetiver (Citrus Woody) by L.T.Piver

Vetiver Eau de Toilette "In its raw form, Vetiver, a grass whose roots are steam distilled to produce a pungent, earthy and green essential oil, can prove too astringent and bitter for all but the daring. Here, Piver have softened the blow ..."

Tag was found in Ninfeo Mio (Citrus Green) by Goutal

Ninfeo Mio Eau de Toilette 100ml "A lively and vivacious perfume, Ninfeo Mio is a heady mix of lush garden scents, from the woody accord of the lemon-tree and the breathtaking vapour of bitter orange to the intoxicating aroma of lavender and the warm, milky softness of the fig-leaf. "

Tag was found in Triomphe (Fresh Woody Spicy Citrus) by Rance 1795

Triomphe Eau de Parfum 100ml "Only the word Triumph could describe Napoleon's immense glory. And Triumph was the name of one of the perfumes François dedicated to the Idol of his life. "

Tag was found in Acqua Di Genova Cologne (Citrus Chypre) by Acqua di Genova

Acqua Di Genova Cologne 100ml Spray "A citrus Eau de Cologne from the great Genoese distiller, Stefano Frecceri, Acqua di Genova has retained its unique characteristics for over 150 years."

Tag was found in Le Vainqueur (Fresh Citrus Amber) by Rance 1795

Le Vainqueur Eau de Parfum "Le Vanqueur (the victor) was one of the first perfumes created for Napoleon by François Rancé, and with its soft citrus and amber notes draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean atmospheres so dear to the Emperor."

Tag was found in Baptême du Feu (Smokey Citrus) by Serge Lutens

Baptême du Feu Eau de Parfum "An intensely floral scent which opens with a vibrant tangerine. Drying down to a smokey osmanthus with hints of ginger and spice, Baptême du Feu is a warm spicy floral."

Tag was found in Bois d'Hadrien (Citrus Woody) by Goutal

Bois d'Hadrien Eau de Parfum 100ml "Goutal's latest woody cologne for men, with the scent of citrus orchards in a Tuscan summer. It's a picture of languid ease where Bois d’Hadrien returns to the timeless summers when Goutal's colognes began, with the sparkle of lime amid the wooded lime groves of Italy.


Tag was found in Eau de Monsieur (Citrus Chypre) by Goutal

Eau de Monsieur Eau deToilette 100ml "A subtle citrus chypre in the classic style. Soft notes of neroli and mint over a base of moss, sandalwood and patchouli. Refined and retrained with more than a dash of distinctiveness.


Tag was found in Eau d'Hadrien (Citrus) by Goutal

Eau d'Hadrien Eau de Parfum 100ml "Inspired by the story about the Emperor Hadrien, this is one of the earliest Goutal creations. A strong and quietly confident personality."

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