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Other items with the tag 'Citrus':

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Tag was found in Gin Fizz (Citrus Floral Chypre) by Lubin

Gin Fizz Eau de Toilette 50ml "It was in honour of her extraordinary beauty that Henri Giboulet created a perfume for Lubin which marked the decade, a very chic perfume, sparkling and fresh, evoking the cocktail in fashion that year in the ‘American bars’ of Paris, Gin Fizz..."

Tag was found in Ninfeo Mio (Citrus Green) by Goutal

Ninfeo Mio Eau de Toilette 100ml "A lively and vivacious perfume, Ninfeo Mio is a heady mix of lush garden scents, from the woody accord of the lemon-tree and the breathtaking vapour of bitter orange to the intoxicating aroma of lavender and the warm, milky softness of the fig-leaf. "

Tag was found in Forte + Forte (Citrus Woody) by Profumi Del Forte

Forte + Forte Eau de Parfum 100ml "Pungent and tangy. The citrus elements are expressed in a wave of freshness that awakens the senses and fills the body with renewed vitality."

Tag was found in Baptême du Feu (Smokey Citrus) by Serge Lutens

Baptême du Feu Eau de Parfum "An intensely floral scent which opens with a vibrant tangerine. Drying down to a smokey osmanthus with hints of ginger and spice, Baptême du Feu is a warm spicy floral."

Tag was found in Bois d'Hadrien (Woody Citrus) by Goutal

Bois d'Hadrien Eau de Parfum "With the traces of Annick Goutal’s signature scent in the background, Bois d'Hadrien has new lingering green earthiness of ivy, pine and cypress, and an enchanting and lingering blend of citrus and woods."

Tag was found in Run of the River (Citrus Aromatic Fresh) by Parterre

Run of the River Eau de Parfum "A splash of refreshing lemon and lime mingles with aromatic elements of bergamot, mint and lemon thyme layered on clary sage and orange flower.

Tag was found in Vista sul Mare (Citrus Floral) by Linari

Vista sul Mare "Fresh citrus notes of Calabrian bergamot, pink grapefruit, lemon and Italian tangerine join with a cool ozonic accord, ingeniously surrounded by a spicy-floral bouquet.

Tag was found in Chemical Bonding (Citrus Musk) by Ineke

Chemical Bonding Eau de Parfum 75ml "Chemical Bonding playfully juxtaposes Chemistry 101 principles with human attraction. The scent combines citrus notes with a powdery soft base, resulting in a flirtatious alchemy."

Tag was found in Udaipur (Fresh Citrus Floral) by Etro

Udaipur Eau de Parfum "The new perfume of the house which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. The coming together of two worlds starts with the name: Udaipur, the white city of Rajastan overlooking Lake Pichola, known as the Venice of the East..."

Tag was found in Vespri Aromatico (Citrus Spicy) by Nobile

Vespri Aromatico "From citrusy base of Vespri Esperidati, we become one in two different roles, playing and experimenting to sublime the initial scent in two different personalities."

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