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Other items with the tag 'Chypre':

Tag was found in Yatagan (Woody Chypre) by Caron

Yatagan Eau de Toilette "Named after a Turkish curved sword, Yatagan is unsurprisingly neither friendly nor easily approachable. Noted for its ideosyncratic top notes of celery seed and pine needles, with a definitive green note, the dry down is more luxurious with notes of warm leather. "

Tag was found in Le Troisieme Homme (Woody Chypre) by Caron

Le Troisieme Homme Eau de Toilette "In 1985, Caron applied all its know how to make its third masculine fragrance (also therefore known as "Number Three"): The Third Man by Caron. Inspired by the film by Carol Reed, it addresses itself to the elegant man played by Orson Welles."

Tag was found in Acqua Di Genova Cologne (Citrus Chypre) by Acqua di Genova

Acqua Di Genova Cologne 100ml Spray "A citrus Eau de Cologne from the great Genoese distiller, Stefano Frecceri, Acqua di Genova has retained its unique characteristics for over 150 years."

Tag was found in Eau de Monsieur (Citrus Chypre) by Goutal

Eau de Monsieur Eau deToilette 100ml "A subtle citrus chypre in the classic style. Soft notes of neroli and mint over a base of moss, sandalwood and patchouli. Refined and retrained with more than a dash of distinctiveness.