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Other items with the tag 'Aromatic':

Tag was found in MOHUR (Powdery Spicy Rose Aromatic) by Neela Vermeire

MOHUR Moghul-British Raj Era "Mohur is a rose-based fragrance, a combination of opulent moghul rose perfumes and a distinguished spicy leather bouquet that can only be imagined during a high tea after a polo match. To capture this moment, Mohur has been created as a refined rose-oudh alliance that pays tribute to Noor Jahan’s power and talent."

Tag was found in Run of the River (Citrus Aromatic Fresh) by Parterre

Run of the River Eau de Parfum "A splash of refreshing lemon and lime mingles with aromatic elements of bergamot, mint and lemon thyme layered on clary sage and orange flower.

Tag was found in Idyllwild (Aromatic Fougere) by Ineke

Idyllwild Eau de Parfum 75ml "Rhubarb tea provides an unexpectedly tart freshness. Cypriol and oud contribute a campfire smoke note...a unique combination!"