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Other items with the tag 'Amber':

Tag was found in Ambre Fetiche (Smokey Amber) by Goutal

Ambre Fetiche Eau de Parfum 100ml "This fragrance is the first of the two oriental colognes in the collection, created by Camille Goutal and quite unlike any others in the collection. Here, she was inspired by the priceless treasure of the orient... amber. "

Tag was found in Fougere Royale (Fresh Amber Fougere) by Houbigant

Fougere Royale 100ml Eau de Parfum "Originally created by Houbigant owner and chief perfumer Paul Parquet, Fougère Royale was the first “fougère” (or fern-like) perfume ever created, establishing a completely new fragrance family which remains today the most popular family in men’s fragrances..."

Tag was found in Francois Charles (Fresh Aromatic Amber Leather) by Rance 1795

Francois Charles Eau de Parfum "Francois' son, Jean Rance, devoted this perfume to Francois Charles, Napoleon's only son. It was hoped that the young Prince could repeat his father's feats, and like him, bring France to triumph."

Tag was found in Akkad (Amber Oriental) by Lubin

Akkad Eau de Parfum ""I am Sargon, powerful sovereign of Akkad, who was brought up by Aqqi, the gardener of the great marshes between the Tigris and the Euphrates. Essence of Akkad is a gift from the beautiful Ishtar, who loves and protects me. It contains all the most precious ointments from Punt, and also those from the islands of the great sea, and others from still further afield. This amber is the light that shines on my kingdom. It is my empire’s most precious treasure.""

Tag was found in Le Vainqueur (Fresh Citrus Amber) by Rance 1795

Le Vainqueur Eau de Parfum "Le Vanqueur (the victor) was one of the first perfumes created for Napoleon by François Rancé, and with its soft citrus and amber notes draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean atmospheres so dear to the Emperor."