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Other items with the tag 'Amber':

Tag was found in Ambre Fetiche (Smokey Amber) by Goutal

Ambre Fetiche Eau de Parfum 100ml "This fragrance is the first of the two oriental colognes in the collection, created by Camille Goutal and quite unlike any others in the collection. Here, she was inspired by the priceless treasure of the orient... amber. "

Tag was found in Eugenie (Floral Fresh Amber) by Rance 1795

Eugenie 100ml Eau de Parfum "Eugenie is the exaltation of the grace and charm of a most refined woman: unostentatious, delicate and a penetrating beauty...beauty that conquers. "

Tag was found in Laetitia (Fresh Spicy Amber) by Rance 1795

Laetitia Eau de Parfum "Originally created in 1806 for the mother of the emperor, this perfume has been recreated using only natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is one the most elegant and sophisticated fragrances ever made. And it's back!"

Tag was found in Roma Imperiale (Floral Amber) by Profumi Del Forte

Roma Imperiale Eau de Parfum 100ml "At first intriguing and sensual, then sweet and relaxing. Vanilla and orchid in timeless classicity. Old glories exalted by amber and jasmine absolute."

Tag was found in Versilia Vintage - Ambra Mediterranea (Amber Oriental) by Profumi Del Forte

Versilia Vintage - Ambra Mediterranea Eau de Parfum "Profumi del Forte encapsulate in Versilia Vintage the finest years of the eternal Versilian myth. Experiences which still have the promise of life and future, of vibrant curiosity, of excellance."

Tag was found in Nacre Blanche (Floral Green Amber Oriental) by Antonio Alessandria

Nacre Blanche Eau de Parfum 50ml "The first perfume of the "lunar" trio is Nacre Blanche, (white "mother of pearl"), a powerful floral centred around the tuberose plant..."

Tag was found in Noir Obscur (Amber Oriental Spicy Woody) by Antonio Alessandria

Noir Obscur Eau de Parfum 50ml "An ode to the new moon when, hidden completely by shadow and totally black, it is but ever present, influencing our lives in a subtle but powerful way."