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Other items with the tag 'Aldehydic':

Tag was found in Nuit de Longchamp (Floral Aldehydic Chypre) by Lubin

Nuit de Longchamp Eau de Toilette 50ml "Nuit de Longchamp has graced the shoulders of elegant women since 1934, like a magnificent garden of white flowers blooming in the twilight. From the African shores of the Mediterranean and the Ottoman gardens, Lubin has used only the most precious flowers and balsams which capture the hearts of women everywhere."

Tag was found in Clair de Musc (Aldehydic Musky) by Serge Lutens

Clair de Musc Eau de Parfum "A pure, smooth, crisp musk, for centuries the ingredient used as one of the most sensual and exceptional components of perfume making."