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  Shamal by Nobile

The Pearl Fishers

05 December 2018

Once again Nobile 1942 has written an olfactory story taking us on a journey to distant lands. Coming on the heels of 1001, Nobile's retelling of the Scheherezade tale as rendered in the Arabian Nights, their latest fragrant mystery introduces us to the Pearl Fishers of Oman.

Pearl Diving has a long and dangerous history and while legends and stories of the fisherman's trials and tribulations abound (not least in Bizet's eponymous opera, set in Ceylon), pearl fishing from islands in the Gulf of Arabia is first mentioned by the Greeks of Parthia in the 1st Century CE. Nobile have re-imagined a tale that interweaves the romance and geography of the gulf with another icon of the region, the Shamal.

The Shamal, like the Sirroco and the Mistral winds of southern Europe is a north westerly wind of North Africa and Persia. It is an annual event, not always welcomed for its dust, that shapes sand dunes and dries the air. In the midst of this wind lies our Pearl Fisher, lying back in his boat, gazing at the night sky and taking in the aroma's of burning incense and dates that blow in the wind from the Omani shoreline.

Shamal is ungendered, beautiful and mysterious scent, rich with fruit, musk and burning incense. Like its predecessors, it is a invitation to a journey. You can view the new scent for women here and for men here.

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