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09 November 2018

In most fields of human endeavour, the bringing together of three 'experts' is a sure-fire route to disaster. Usually, disagreement will be the only thing they agree upon. There are exceptions - and I'm thinking of the 'three tenors' here - when singing to the same melody has exceptionally pleasing results. Now, imagine gathering three Mitchelin-starred chefs and asking each to create a course? Well, this is precisely what the German designer Rainer Diersche has achieved with Linari. Three of the worlds top perfumers (and for once, that superlative is not mere hyperbole - run the names below through a search engine and be prepared to pick your jaw off the floor!) gathered under one brand and tasked with the creation of the world's finest luxury perfumes! Well! Let the feast begin!

Artistry, especially in perfumery (and gastronomy, for that), is often constrained by materials, and perfumers, even at these levels, are well aware of budgetary constraints within which they normally are expected to work their olfactory miracles. Freedom to select the very best natural ingredients is evidenced not only in the ingredient lists of each creation (the list of 'absolutes' is endless), but in the creations themselves, all of which sing with a purity unsurpassed by any other brand on our shelves. Mastery of materials, mastery of the creative process from conception to realisation, is evident in every one of the ten perfumes in the range.

The Perfumers:

  • Based in New York, self-taught French master perfumer MAURICE ROUCEL is one of the most admired perfume designers of the contemporary world. Acknowledged with awards and widely acclaimed for his versatility and freedom of style in creating brilliant fragrances, he truly believes in beauty and sensuality. His unique signature is streamlined, fearless and courageous creations, in which he retains only what is essential.

  • Considered to be one of the most inspired perfumers in the contemporary time, English-born MARK BUXTON's creative world is based in Paris. Concentrated passion combined with precision characterise his strengths. Mystic creations, subversive, provocative, enthused with urban jungle.

  • In the world of fragrance the EGON OELKERS name stands unrestrainedly for discreet luxury, beauty and harmony. New York, Paris, Geneva and Hamburg, are the stations of 40 years of his creative life. Egon’s style: extremely sophisticated compositions yet reserved whilst opulent. Always finely balanced between fruity, flowery, spicy and woody notes.

You can see the Linari range here and of course visit the Sidmouth shop to experience them for real.

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Since discovering Woodforde & Co in Sidmouth, I know where to go to find my perfect perfume. This charming emporium is located in Church Street and is run by husband and wife, Jon and Jane Brewer, both of whom have an encyclopaedic knowledge and an enthusiastic passion for perfumery.

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