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  Juliette has a Gun

Weapon of Choice

26 March 2013

Juliette has a Gun is not a new brand. First launched in 2006 (with the eaux des parfums 'Miss Charming' and 'Lady Vengeance') the brand has grown over the last five years to encompass nine fragrances, during which time the original concept of a fragrance range mirroring the facets of a woman's personality or mood, has become diluted with the introduction to the line-up of the abstract scents, Not a Perfume and Midnight Oud. However, revisiting the brand recently brought home to us just how well these fragrances stand up in a comparison against other perfume greats, both past and present.

This really should come as no surprise. With the the provenance of top French nose Francis Kirkdjian as one of the creators behind the fragrances, these were bound to become modern classics in the making, just as have his other works. The surprise is just how good they really are. Of the nine scents, five have a common theme: Lady Vengeance, Vengeance Extreme, Calamity J, Citizen Queen, and Midnight Oud are all stonking great powerful rose and/or patchouli-based orientals representing the most exquisite balance of ingredients you are likely to find anywhere in modern perfumery. The florals, Miss Charming and (the orange blossom-based) Romantina, although representing fresher, cleaner day wear, do not however compromise on power, and equally display a relaxed sense of balance and harmony that many modern fragrances fail to grasp (the last two in group, Mad Madame and Not a Perfume smelling, well, simply mad and weird in turn - just as they're supposed to).

So just how does a modern brand create such masterpeices? It is clear right from the first whiff that the emphasis on ingredient quality - 500 rose heads and up to 136 other components in each 100ml bottle - is for once no mere hype. What happens to those ingredients however is nothing short of sheer magic. Where the key mix is between the vision of Romano Ricci and the talent of Francis Kirkdjian to create stunningly beautiful olfactory creations, never could we have wished more for the invention of a device to transmit the scent across the web. If powerful orientals are your thing, this is one brand you have to experience!

You can read more about this fascinating brand and view the whole Juliette has a Gun line-up by clicking here

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