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Shamal by Nobile

The Pearl Fishers

05 December 2018

Once again Nobile 1942 has written an olfactory story taking us on a journey to distant lands. Coming on the heels of 1001, Nobile's retelling of the Scheherezade tale as rendered in the Arabian Nights, their latest ...

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linari bottle

Take 3

09 November 2018

In most fields of human endeavour, the bringing together of three 'experts' is a sure-fire route to disaster. Usually, disagreement will be the only thing they agree upon. There are exceptions - and I'm thinking of the 'three ...

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Parterre Fragrances

The English Meadow

25 October 2018

Visitors to our Sidmouth shop often ask the provenance of our perfumes, noting the dominance of French and Italian houses on our shelves. "Have you no English perfumes?" they ask. Well, ...

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The Eagle Parfum

The Eagle of Victory

02 October 2014

La "Victoire", the famous victory at Wagram against the Austrian Empire, made Napoleon Boneparte in 1809 master over all Europe. Once again his genius prevailed over a numerous, well-armed enemy led by expert generals, and coming ...

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Neela Vermeire

Explore your India

01 October 2014

India's beginnings are shrouded in the mists of antiquity, its earliest history known only through legend. Yet the modern reality pulses with vibrant life and youth. Each encounter with the country's rich cultural heritage leaves ...

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What the paper's say

Since discovering Woodforde & Co in Sidmouth, I know where to go to find my perfect perfume. This charming emporium is located in Church Street and is run by husband and wife, Jon and Jane Brewer, both of whom have an encyclopaedic knowledge and an enthusiastic passion for perfumery.

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