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The Eagle of Victory

02 October 2014

La "Victoire", the famous victory at Wagram against the Austrian Empire, made Napoleon Boneparte in 1809 master over all Europe. Once again his genius prevailed over a numerous, well-armed enemy led by expert generals, and coming ...

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Neela Vermeire

Explore your India

01 October 2014

India's beginnings are shrouded in the mists of antiquity, its earliest history known only through legend. Yet the modern reality pulses with vibrant life and youth. Each encounter with the country's rich cultural heritage leaves ...

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Terry de Gunzberg

The Shock of the New

29 June 2013

In every generation the world of architecture spawns a new talent and a new vision. Some, like Corbusier or the Bauhaus, are true radicals whose legacy, envisioning a new way of creating a structure, outlives them. We ...

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Juliette has a Gun

Weapon of Choice

26 March 2013

Juliette has a Gun is not a new brand. First launched in 2006 (with the eaux des parfums 'Miss Charming' and 'Lady Vengeance') the brand has grown over the last five years to encompass nine ...

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The queen and the apprentice

04 July 2012

A black jade scent bottle once held the last remaining scents of a secret garden. The discovery of its formula, copied by an indiscreet apprentice, has finally revealed its mysteries.

In 1784, 10-year-old Pierre François ...

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What the paper's say

Since discovering Woodforde & Co in Sidmouth, I know where to go to find my perfect perfume. This charming emporium is located in Church Street and is run by husband and wife, Jon and Jane Brewer, both of whom have an encyclopaedic knowledge and an enthusiastic passion for perfumery.

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