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perfume samples

We have a wide range of sample options, from single samples for purchase at £3.50 including postage, to discovery sets at £35.00 where the purchase price is refunded from any subsequent full perfume bottle purchase.

Sample sets are available in the following options:
  • Discovery set: designed for new customers who have never visited the shop before, this set presents 10 of the best fragrances from our shelves.
  • Bespoke set: enabling you to explore a particular perfumer or style, these sets are made to order. Please phone Jane for a telephone consultation on 01395 579307.

There is 1 product in the range for you to explore:

The Discovery Set

The Discovery Set Ten of the world's top perfumers, ten perfumes, ten very distinctive styles; the "Discovery Set" is the starting point on your journey of exploration.

Ideally, for those who have not visited, or cannot visit, the shop personally, this set provides the ideal introduction to the wide range of perfume styles found in our shop.