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Artisan Perfumer
Jamal is a man with a vision. Working very much in the London of "here-and-now", Jamal's vision reaches back to a perfumery tradition spanning millennia, to arcane skills and secrets handed down through the centuries from master to apprentice. It is an art that, although now practised by a few, represents an ancient tradition developed long before the perfume houses of Paris - one that stretches back through history, from pre-Renaissance Venice, to 6th century Arabia, Cleopatra's Egypt, Persia, India, China and Babylonia.

"Perfume", he says, "has been my lifelong obsession. Today there is a huge choice of scents. But so much of it simply isn't what perfume is all about. It has no true depth of character - only a shallow life, the mere shadow of a soul. The true perfumer's art can and should produce something extraordinary and deeply personal. What I do is journey towards that - away from mass production, into what I call, and truly is, the real art of deep perfumery".

Jamal's own search for perfection has involved mastering many different skills and sciences. He has studied under some of the world's greatest perfumers. He is a chemist, craftsman and historian. But above all he is a man with vision, creating legendary artisan scents for the modern age.

There are 4 products in the range for you to explore:

Scent 301

Scent 301 The classic elegant interior of the 18th century wrapped inside a contemporary exterior of the English countryside. Warm and personal with a new language for easy elegance.


Scent 642

Scent 642 A scent created with a life of its own - a free and single-minded spirit, subtly intelligent and slightly mischievous.


Scent 774

Scent 774 The immensely valuable cargoes of rare spices and raw material carried to England in the merchant ships of the 17th Century combined with a modern palette of zingy fresh greenery.


Scent 935

Scent 935 Passion, independence, power and innocence. An elegant balance of forces inspired by ancient Babylon and the Queen of Flowers, the rose.



When he was six, Jamal began helping in the family's London perfume business. One day, working with his father among the precious raw materials and glass vials, the young boy spilt a single drop of liquid. He was about to wipe it up when his father stopped him.

"First, smell it!" he said.

That was the moment it all began. An intensity of pure aroma beyond all his experience, filling his being. "What is it?" he asked.

"Perfection!" his father replied. "The rarest essence of rose. For a single ounce, a thousand pounds. But on its own it's nothing. Understand, Jamal - the perfumer's art is to bring the finest, most perfect things together in an even greater perfection. That is what we spend a lifetime searching for

- a perfect harmony that never existed before!"