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"I start making something but at a certain point it starts making choices by itself.

It is the process that interests and guides me.

I like the feeling that I'm losing control and I'm not the one making the choices.

My involvement is to create something that is alive.

I want my perfumes to have an intelligence of their own, not just be slave to my meaning."
The Nose

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Enigmatic and secretive, The Nose may not even exist. He may just be an olfactory mirage, the merest whiff of a dream we never even had.

There are indications however, hints in the air, that the face behind 'the nose' is none other than of Alessandro Gualtieri, the master Italian perfumer who has created scents for Versace, Valentino, Helmut Lang, Fendi, Diesel, and more. Maybe. May be not...

Anarchic and playful, ("nasomatto" is Italian for "crazy nose") these avant-garde scents are intense, evocative and challenging, the product of a process that defies convention. No fragrance notes are provided, and the ingredients of each perfume remain guesswork...they are, as the nose says, only what they are; a life-force in their own right.