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It is 1920 and here, on the Florentine Hills overlooking the duomo, is the time when the forefather of the Galardi family, Guido, gives shape to his inspiration, new in the art of perfumery. The smell of just-picked lavender flowers (Spigo) fosters his dream to create in Florence something quite unmistakable, a workshop for inimitable fragrances: the Workshop for Italian Lavender (BOttega Italiana Spigo - BO.I.S).

This dream culminates with Enzo, Guido's nephew. With his experience and with the strong passion for perfume he has inherited from his uncle, he creates exclusive fragrances of unprecedented world-renowned luxury. Now a Maitre Parfumeur, along the years Enzo has turned the small family workshop into a dynamic company, and BOIS 1920 is born


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Itruk Eau de Parfum An explosion of freshness and brightness at the top of this unique and exclusive fragrance is rich with luxurious and precious ingredients...



Nagud Eau de Parfum An intense and memorable recipe. The citrus tonalities, essences of Lemon and Bergamot, open this unique and unforgettable composition with mysterious and warm Saffron shades



OroNero Eau de Parfum Boise 1920 presents their latest new enchanted fragrance, OroNero, created by Enzo Galardi to elevate in a mysterious and bold way the olfactory magic of Bois 1920.


Sensual Tuberose

Sensual Tuberose Eau de Parfum Sensuality and femininity transformed in olfactory magic...mellow, thrilling notes of Tuberose which charm from the very outset are surrounded by a luminous sparkle of Peach


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Bois 1920 is "the" luxury perfume brand of all luxury perfume brands. Unprecedented attention to detail, both inside and outside the bottle, brings the very apogee of Italian style and workmanship to your wrist - exquisite natural ingredients, mastery over the language of scent, and the very highest aspirations combined in one luxury package.

And in 2012, the first international acknowledgements - BOIS 1920 is among the best five world fragrances at the Oscars of perfumery, the FiFi awards in New York.