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Absolument Parfumeur

Le Parfum d'Interdits

The aura of illicitness and mystery surrounding absinthe has played into modern literature, movies, and television and people throughout history have attributed to absinthe an aphrodisiac power. Banned in France for 85 years for its supposed hallucinogenic and addictive properties, Absinthe (the alcoholic drink derived from the wormwood plant) was revived in 1995 by the distiller Pascal Rolland under the name "Versinthe". It was immediately, and simultaneously, both internationally prized and strongly condemned. A collaboration with Marc Villaceque, the renowned aromatician, from Grasse (the perfume capital of the world) has brought together the skills of cold extraction, heat concentration and alembic distillation to obtain a pure essence of the absinthe plant. Out of curiosity and as yet another challenge, the pair added the essence of another banned substance, cannabis, and together with 49 other essences the most extraordinary perfume of the decade has been created - Absolute Absinthe

Building upon this success in the regeneration of perfumery based upon the most exquisite natural materials comes two news scents, Luxury Overdose "Le Parfum" which retains the absinthe "DNA" of the brand, and Luxury Overdose "Le Pluie d'Osmanthe" which takes us to entirely new levels of exquisite creativity. Absolument Parfumeur creates exclusive perfumes with a dream: to find the sublime perfume, the one that transcends all the other: the Absolu d' absolument!

There are 3 products in the range for you to explore:

Absolument Absinthe 100ml

Absolument Absinthe 100ml Eau de Parfum It is absinthe, that mythical liquor long prohibited, that inspired the perfume, and togther with cannabis and 49 other essences Absolument Absinthe is a real revolution.


Le Parfum 100ml

Le Parfum 100ml Luxury Overdose Eau de Parfum Luxury is 'the inaccessible' in a world increasingly being made 'accessible'. It is the secret cult, the hidden world of the cogniscenti. It is the product, the material and the workmanship - it's never just the label; and it needs no endorsement...


Pluie d'Osmanthe 100ml

Pluie d'Osmanthe 100ml Luxury Overdose Eau de Parfum The legend speaks of a young Chinese magician named WU GANG was banished to the moon by the JADE emperor. He wa sentenced to cut the immortal tree: the OSMANTHUS...