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AGONIST is a Swedish fragrance brand launched in 2008. Initially featuring one product, the range now presents eight unisex fragrances, each one characterised by a combination of 100% natural fragrances presented in handcrafted Swedish glass.

AGONIST was founded by the designers Christine Gustafsson and Niclas Lydeen, working in collaboration with renowned perfumers dedicated to the traditional art of perfumery using only the highest quality pure natural ingredients.

With respect for the ancient perfume makers' craft and a commitment to compliment this through applying a contemporary approach and Scandinavian vision, AGONIST is a unique fragrance and ultimate expression of timeless beauty.

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Dark Saphir

Dark Saphir Eau de Parfum A complex and unique composition based on the purest raw materials, creating a beautiful addiction.

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Isis Eau de Parfum Inspired by the exact moment when a bud bursts and new life begins. This fresh and vibrant fragrance is a true work of art.

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Vanilla Marble

Vanilla Marble Eau de Parfum A creamy addictive deep vanilla awakens your deepest joyful childhood memories and takes you on a sensuous journey through time.

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The infidels

The infidels Eau de Parfum Deep and sensual, The Infidels is inspired by the complexities of love and desire.

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