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Profumi Del Forte

L'essenza dell'esclusivita

With an intense desire to immortalize the memories of life’s journeys, the Profumi del Forte line is the realization of this quest. Every perfume is inspired by the perfumer's personal experiences and travels, enriched by the art, workmanship and centuries-old traditions of Italy.

The rarest essences, the best raw materials, and rigorously artisan workmanship render the Torre of Tuscany fragrances a stunningly Italian ode to pleasure and beauty. Creator Enzo Torre has melded his love for both Tuscany and the luminous landscapes of Forte Dei Marmi to develop a new collection of scents that are reflective of the sensual and romantic atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside.

Profumi del Forte fragrances capture the memories of warm summer nights, rocky beaches, the sharp scents of the sea, and the cool pine woods of the pungent Apuan Alps. Strong yet delicate fragrances, the intriguing notes awaken the senses and arouse dormant emotions, passions, and sentiments. A true celebration of the Italian lifestyle, these fragrances are authentic and rich without being ostentatious and make a refined and elegant choice for those who enjoy the riches of the Forte Dei Marmi.

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Vaiana Dea

Vaiana Dea Eau de Parfum A fine weave of sweetness. Fresh fruit and vibrant notes of aldehyde. Velvety milky accents. Sensual tuberose, entwining its floral grace with the delicious accents of honey, cocoa and vanilla...


Versilia Aurum

Versilia Aurum Eau de Parfum A gentle fragrance that skims all the chords of contemporary taste. It opens with fresh, fruity notes and develops into a sweet floral heart, rich in colour and feelings. The vanilla and balsamic base doesn't renounce to a touch of sensual animality in the unmistakable marine scent of grey amber. The Maitre Parfumeur interprets the golden theme dedicating this precious yet measured and refined but not elitist fragrance to Versilia: a perfume jewel to be worn gracefully on long summer evenings.


Versilia Platinum

Versilia Platinum Eau de Parfum The synthesis of seemingly irreconcilable forces. Just like platinum summarizes the sum of the gifts of every precious metal, this fragrances has a composite soul, enigmatic in ongoing succession of notes: sometimes fresh, sometimes warm, sometimes woody or chypré. The Maitre Parfumeur's inspiration derives from the contrast between the coast and the moutains of Versilia, between the heated seaside atmosphere and the harsh peaks: opposites that are never-the-less united in one of Italy's most beautiful views...


By Night - Nero

By Night - Nero Eau de Parfum Evening in Forte dei Marmi; an atmosphere of old world romanticism. The brightest stars catch my gaze. The sovereigns of the night in their clothes of unparalleled elegance. Black and white.


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Profumi del Forte
The Packaging
Sleek and linear, the understated black boxes announce with style the quality of the magnificent scents within. Modelled to recall Tuscany’s fortified coastal watchtowers of the Granducato region, the Sienna-glass bottle is finely hand-engraved by expert artisans. A stopper of natural marble native to Versilia’s Apuan Alps is one of the strongest influences on the design of the collection.