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Acqua di Genova

Created in 1853 for the Royal House of Savoy (which ruled Italy from 1861 to 1945) by the famous Genoese perfumer, Stefano Frecceri, Acqua di Genova quickly became an indispenable accroutement for every refined personality of its epoch. It was adopted by all Europen Royal Courts, not least by the Italian king, Vittorio Emanuele II who, in testament to his personal appreciation of the scent, confered upon Stefano Frecceri on 28th March 1866 a Royal Writ allowing the perfumery to carry his personal coat of arms.

Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione, considered in her time to be the most beautiful woman in all Europe, introduced the fragrance to her lover, Napoleon III, winning him over to the Italian cause and the use of this cologne.

Acqua di Genova is widely considered as the benchmark citrus scent, much copied but never surpassed (between 1855 and 1898 it won 24 gold medals at international fairs). It is still created in the family-run perfumery using the finest natural ingredients following the formula laid down by Stefano Frecceri, whose demanding expectations for quality are still upheld.

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Acqua Di Genova Cologne

Acqua Di Genova Cologne 100ml Spray A citrus Eau de Cologne from the great Genoese distiller, Stefano Frecceri, Acqua di Genova has retained its unique characteristics for over 150 years.