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"I dreamt of a world far away..."

"I love these lands from a different time, lands that do not know I exist. I savour the moment, tasting their moods, their sounds, their aromas. I gaze upon them, taking them in. I breathed in the warm mist of a Madagascan morning or the fragrant breath of an Indian Ocean breeze..."

"From the shores of East Africa to the Sunda Islands, from Zanzibar to Macassar, on the maritime routes, for centuries, nomadic people have set out, all sails to the wind, to face the storms...this bottle is the sail of a felucca, full with the swift sea breeze, taking away a wooden idol by night, the symbol of a nomadic people ..." [Serge Mansau].

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Idole Eau de Parfum "Around this idol, the mute and hieratic figure of a Nubian divinity, bark was burned and resins grilled. African mahogany dampened by tropical downpours and ebony hardened by smoke; mystical wood rich in the African spirit, spellbinding voodoo wood, intoxicating doum palm. Painted bodies get carried away dancing..."

Olivia Giacobetti "..set the jungle on fire with a woody liqueur rich in scorching spices, as sweet as sugar cane, and as warm as leather. "

[Idole Perfumer, Olivia Giacobetti]



Akkad Eau de Parfum "I am Sargon, powerful sovereign of Akkad, who was brought up by Aqqi, the gardener of the great marshes between the Tigris and the Euphrates. Essence of Akkad is a gift from the beautiful Ishtar, who loves and protects me. It contains all the most precious ointments from Punt, and also those from the islands of the great sea, and others from still further afield. This amber is the light that shines on my kingdom. It is my empire’s most precious treasure."



Korrigan Eau de Parfum In the Armorican countryside the Korrigans frolic at night. They come to harvest juniper berries and wild beechnuts. Then, in dark caves, they distil barley into spellbinding spirits, spicing them with saffron, musking them with ambrette, scenting them with lavender. During the solstice festivals, they all drink their elixirs out of leather pouches, causing bodies and souls to capsize...



Galaad Eau de Parfum "Out of Egypt come caravans to fetch myrrh in my land of Galaad. My name is the same as that of the land that witnessed my birth, for I am Galaad, the knight of the Holy Mountain. It is rich with honey from our hives, tall cedars that shade it and resins brought to Pharaoh. With frankincense, cypress and dried grass from Atlantis, we refine the precious balm used by the lords of the East to perfume themselves."