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Just after the French Revolution, in 1798, Pierre Francoise Lubin founded his Perfume House, at 53 rue Sainte Anne in Paris, calling his shop the "Bouquet de Roses" (in immitation perhaps of Houbigant's similarly named shop, the "Basket of Flowers"). Along with perfumed ribbons and gloves, ball masks and rice powders, Lubin's most famous creation was the "Eau Vivifiante" later called simply "Eau de Lubin". This fragance won him the favour of the Imperial Court and the patronage of Empress Josephine and Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese.

With the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy, the perfumer dedicated his fragrances to the last Queen of France, Marie-Amelie. Thanks to these ladies, the crowned heads of Europe began to patronise Lubin. Amongst the Royal Warrants in the Lubin archive are that of the King of England and the Russian Tsar Alexander 1st. He also added the American Eagle to the list, as he was the first perfume maker to conquer the new world in 1830. From the banks of the Mississippi to the palaces of India, Lubins fragrances became famous the world over.

There are 4 products in the range for you to explore:

Black Jade

Black Jade Eau de Toilette 50ml A black jade bottle once held the last remaining scents of a secret garden. The discovery of its formula, hidden deep in the House of Lubin archives and orginally copied by an indiscreet apprentice, has finally revealed its mysteries.


Lubin de Lubin

Lubin de Lubin Eau de Toilette 50ml Lubin de Lubin, the heady scent from the seventies, was favoured by pop idols on the disco dance floors. The Indian wood notes and spices from Siam are overlaid with a refreshing blend of Tuscan flowers and Sicilian lemons. The Iris of Florence gently washes over the top notes, which are smoothly fruity and floral.


Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz Eau de Toilette 50ml It was in honour of her extraordinary beauty that Henri Giboulet created a perfume for Lubin which marked the decade, a very chic perfume, sparkling and fresh, evoking the cocktail in fashion that year in the ‘American bars’ of Paris, Gin Fizz...


Nuit de Longchamp

Nuit de Longchamp Eau de Toilette 50ml Nuit de Longchamp has graced the shoulders of elegant women since 1934, like a magnificent garden of white flowers blooming in the twilight. From the African shores of the Mediterranean and the Ottoman gardens, Lubin has used only the most precious flowers and balsams which capture the hearts of women everywhere.


"He's the apostle for women, the apostle perfumed by Lubin..."
Guy de Maupassant 1850 -1893