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Jean-Charles Brosseau

Jean-Charles Brosseau graduated from the High Fashion school of Paris and created his own label, founding his fashion House in 1955 in Paris on the Left Bank. By 1970, he had set up his salon in Paris on the Place des Victoires, which (in his wake) became the new trendy place for fashion designers.

In 1981, he created his first perfume "Ombre Rose", which became quickly a best seller in France, the USA, the Middle-East, and the Far-East. "Ombre Rose" is now rightly considered as a "Classic" of Haute Perfumery, and rightfully sits on Woodforde's shelves among some of the very best fragrances ever made.

In 1978 Jean-Charles Brosseau accidentally discovered a formula made up of musky notes, vanilla, heliotrope and rosewood, which were used as a bonding agent. The result of finding this bonding agent (a perfume base) was by itself and without any complimentary additions a fragrance which attracted him and to which he gave the name Ombre Rose.
[photo: jcbrosseau.com]

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omBre ROSE

omBre ROSE L'Original 100ml Eau de Parfum Ombre Rose L'Original is a simple, sober and timeless fragrance that smoothly passes through the ages. Its initial flowery, sweet tones of iris, lily of the valley, ylang ylang and honey, give way to the suave warmth of peach, sandalwood and musk.

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