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L.T.Piver is synonymous for over two centuries with refined, original fragrances and its incomparable expertise and elegant perfumes continues to be the incarnation of a world of seduction, dreams and emotions.

From modest beginnings in 1774, a small Parisian store called "A la Reine des Fleurs" rose to become official purveyor to the court of Louis XVI. Within one hundred years Piver had conquered the world with over one hundred branches around the globe including England, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Russia and Brazil.

Into the twenty first century, and Piver has successfully married the classic with the modern and the traditional with progress

There are 4 products in the range for you to explore:


Cuir Eau de Toilette Cuir ('leather') has a special place in perfumery, an industry that grew around the tanning process of the middle ages where perfumed oils were used on leather goods...

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Spices Eau de Toilette Keeping it gentle, subtle and none too obvious, Spices is a new scent for men from Piver who have combined the unusual use of chilli and cinnamon with oriental base notes of vetiver, sandalwood and musk. Extra lift has been provided by the bergamot and lemon.

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Vetiver Eau de Toilette In its raw form, Vetiver, a grass whose roots are steam distilled to produce a pungent, earthy and green essential oil, can prove too astringent and bitter for all but the daring. Here, Piver have softened the blow ...

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Cedar Eau de Toilette One of the great masculine scents of all time, Cedar is perennial favourite. Fresh and outdoorsy, here Piver have combined the resinous wood with oriental sandalwood, patchouli and musk...

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LT Piver
"classic with modern...traditional with progress"