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Parfums Caron was established in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff, who purchased a perfumery located on Rue de la Paix, Paris from Anne-Marie Caron. He kept the original name and from the very beginning, unlike Chanel or Dior who were primarily in the fashion business, the house was dedicated solely to perfumes. He met and hired his muse, Felicie Wanpouille, in 1906 and it was she who contributed to the designing the bottles as artistic director. After Daltroff fled to the US to escape Nazi persecution of Jews in 1938 (he died in 1947 aged 80), Felicie ran the house expertly until retiring herself in1962 (she died in 1967 aged 93)

As a perfumer, Daltroff was a true inovator combing new and exciting synthetics in a very bold way with traditional ingredients. While all Caron scents are stunningly diverse, even though created by a single perfumer, each share a common thread in their base accord called "Mousse de Saxe" which is a blend of geranium, licorice, leather, iodine and vanillin.

Of his creations, many are still in production including Narcisse Noir [1911], Infini [1912], N'aimez que Moi [1917], Tabac Blond [1919], Nuit de Noel [1922], Bellogia [1927], Fleurs de Rocaille [1934], Royal Bain [1941] and many others created during the Wanpouille years by the subsequent Caron perfumer, Michel Morsetti. All can be sampled at Woodforde's.

Daltroff's legacy is apparent, not only through the Caron scents that have endured for nearly a century, but in his influence upon successive perfume houses. Madame Rochas, Caleche, Chanel No 19, Bois de Iles and Habanita were all said to be based in greater part upon Daltroffs original "Mousse de Saxe" accord.

There are 3 products in the range for you to explore:

Le Troisieme Homme

Le Troisieme Homme Eau de Toilette In 1985, Caron applied all its know how to make its third masculine fragrance (also therefore known as "Number Three"): The Third Man by Caron. Inspired by the film by Carol Reed, it addresses itself to the elegant man played by Orson Welles.



Yatagan Eau de Toilette Named after a Turkish curved sword, Yatagan is unsurprisingly neither friendly nor easily approachable. Noted for its ideosyncratic top notes of celery seed and pine needles, with a definitive green note, the dry down is more luxurious with notes of warm leather.


Pour un Homme

Pour un Homme Eau de Toilette Pour un Homme combines the aromatic freshness of lavender with the refined warmth of vanilla, giving the fragrance an original contrast of subtle and elegant freshness with a lingering scent.


Caron's celebrated Crystal Fountains, invented for Caron by Baccarat, are still used in Caron flagship stores throughout the world. They offer customers the enjoyment of filling their own bottles with the mysterious formulae behind some of the most precious Caron fragrances direct from the fountain, according to personal whim.

Although Woodfordes have two Caron fountains on perpetual display, in order to preserve temperature stability and prevent oxidation, they are kept as reminders of the great Caron heritage only, and are not used for decanting.