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The resurrection of this very mysterious and fascinating brand, one of the oldest British perfume houses founded in 1835, is the result of 18 months hard work by the Mayfair businessman, Simon Brooke. Researching his family tree, Simon discovered not only that he was the great-great-grandson of the company's founder, John Grossmith, but that also a distant cousin still had the original 1890's leather-bound and hand-written formula books rescued from the company's London offices during the 1940's blitz.

At the start of his project, Simon brought these ledgers with him when he visited Woodfordes in Autumn 2008 when we had an opportunity to look through the sacred texts, having only our imaginations to wonder at the ingredients and envision the fragrances. We need wonder no longer - Simon has chosen three of the company's most famous scents from the Edwardian era and has faithfully recreated them using, as best modern legislation allows (real musk, civet and castoreum now being illegal under EC law), ingredients from the time which have been sourced for Grossmith by Grasse fragrance house Robertet.

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Betrothal Parfum Extrait 50ml Originally created in 1893 to celebrate a Royal engagement and wedding, Betrothal is a magical, resolutely modern scent with elegance and sophistication. Made with the finest materials, it opens with a burst of lively citrus notes, leading to a ravishing floral bouquet combining Rose de Mai and Jasmine from Grasse. It dries down to a rich and sensual base.


Hasu no Hana

Hasu no Hana Eau de Parfum Originally created in 1888 this scent has a timeless quality which comes from its pioneering spirit. From the dawn of modern creative perfumery it is one of the scents that paved the way for modern fragrances.


Shem el Nessim

Shem el Nessim Eau de Parfum Originally created in 1906, this rich, luxurious creation typifies the L’Origan style with its warm, soft, powdery, floral aspect. A scent which personifies the Edwardian era in which femininity was fêted.


Phul Nana

Phul Nana Eau de Parfum Originally created in 1891, this scent is a rare marriage of the herb garden with the flower garden, unusual in a feminine fragrance. It paved the way for the ‘oriental’ fragrances that were to follow.


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"Bitten by the genealogy bug, Simon had expected to find himself walking around churchyards in quaint English villages in search of his ancestors. Instead, he found himself at the British Library discovering that he is the great-great-grandson of John Grossmith, founder of the Grossmith perfume house, one of the few true English perfume houses and creator of a scent worn by Queen Victoria. Fascinated by his ancestry, Simon decided to recreate the scents that made his forebears famous".