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After a career as a prizewinning pianist and model, Annick Goutal came to perfumery late in her life. Then she met the perfumer Henri Sorsana by chance in Grasse in 1977, and spent the next seven years memorising ingredients and training her extraordinary nose. She said "the words were the same: notes; harmony; key".

By 1980, Annick Goutal opened a small boutique on Rue de Bellechasse, where she presented her own creations. After a few years, her perfume range had grown and she had built up a very faithful set of customers - people who knew and loved her fragrances and were delighted to have found a Goutal fragrance that suited their personality. Every day, Annick Goutal's reputation grew by word of mouth.

Diagnosed with breast cancer, Annick Goutal passed away in 1999 at the age of 53, leaving a legacy of more than 20 fragrances. Camille Goutal (Annick Goutal's daughter) and the perfumer Isabelle Doyen have continued the pursuit of Annick's vision, creating an exciting range of new fragrances which immortalize her beliefs: emotion, creativity, authenticity and excellence.

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L'ile au The

L'ile au The 100ml Eau de Toilette Rising like a shark's tooth from the warm tropical ocean, the volcanic island of Jeju is a paradise of warm white sandy beaches and lush, fragrant greenery, and an inspiration for Annick Goutal's new unisex scent.


Ambre Fetiche

Ambre Fetiche Eau de Parfum 100ml This fragrance is the first of the four that make up the “Les Orientalistes” range, created by Camille Goutal as a collection in their own right, and is quite unlike any others in the collection. Here, she was inspired by the priceless treasure of the orient... amber.


Encens Flamboyant

Encens Flamboyant Eau de Parfum 100ml Fascinated by the Orient and its mysteries, Camille Goutal and the perfumer, Isabelle Doyen wanted to return to the very origin of scents with this incense creation.


Musc Nomade

Musc Nomade Eau de Parfum 100ml Musc Nomade invites us on a journey back through time, to days when musk, a highly precious material, was transported from town to town by nomadic caravan processions.


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"Like precious bouquets, gathering the rarest and most noble of natural essences, they are composed as a symphony, note by note, in an eternal quest for balance, quality and perfect harmony". [Annick Goutal]