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One day in Paris in 1775 a young Jean-Francois Houbigant aged 23, hung a hand painted sign of a basket of flowers over his little shop at No 19 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore and from this humble beginning the house of Houbigant rose to become the most famous French perfumery of all time.

Josephine, the future Empress of France, used to shop at Houbigant even before she married Napoleon. Napoleon himself liked to drench himself with Eau de Toilette and on May 17th 1815 when he only had three months in which to raise an army, he still found time to shop at Houbigant. The bill of sale is part of the perfumer’s unique history collection.

In 1880 Houbigant was acquired by perfumer Paul Parquet, who was the first perfumer to use exciting new synthetics in his fragrance creations (he was the creator of the fougere fragrance called Houbigant Fougere Royale, the world's first scent to use a synthetic - 'courmarin'). Around the turn of the century, another perfumer joined Houbigant, Robert Bieniame, the creator of Quelques Fleurs. Quelques Fleurs made its debut in Paris in 1912.

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Quelques Fleurs

Quelques Fleurs Perfume Quelques Fleurs L’Original is one of the most renowned perfume classics of all time. The first pure multi-floral bouquet, it was the origin from which many of today’s important fragrances descended and undoubtedly the perfume that changed all floral fragrances forever...


Marie Anoinette

"The Flight to Varennes:" 20th June 1791, Louis XV1 of France and his wife, Marie Anoinette attempted to escape the revolutionary mob and set off in an unmarked carriage diguised as servants. They didn't get far and were recognised and arrested at the town of Varennes. Marie Antoinette had stocked up on Houbigant perfume for the journey and it was said one thing alone gave the pair away..."only a queen could smell that good!"