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French born in 1942, Serge Lutens forged a career in fashion and photography and became an artistic director for Christian Dior in 1967. To instant applause, his first enigmatic perfume, "Nombre Noir", was created 1982 for Shiseido, the Japanese cosmetics house. He conceived the "Les Salons du Palais Royal", the showcase in Paris for his own scents, in the early 1990's.

In a recent interview, Serge commented that his first ever perfume was too tame. "They told me this couldn't be done, or that couldn't be done...so I was simply not brave enough" he says, a comment that certainly sets the tone for his huge
output of now extremely distinctive creations, that for others, less brave, "could not be done".

Now living in Marrakech, Morocco, Serge's flights of oriental fantasy that dominate his collection continually draw upon the sounds, sights and smells of the enchanting "Red City" as well as his earliest childhood memories.
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Vetiver Oriental

Vetiver Oriental Eau de Parfum There is but one word to describe this beautiful creation: 'sophistication'; a worldly-wise scent where east meets west to become the very essence of modern luxury.


Baptême du Feu

Baptême du Feu Eau de Parfum An intensely floral scent which opens with a vibrant tangerine. Drying down to a smokey osmanthus with hints of ginger and spice, Baptême du Feu is a warm spicy floral.



L'Orpheline Eau de Parfum L'Orpheline...the little orphan girl. Fragile but whole. Once again Serge returns to his Moroccan home for a big warm woody scent full of intrigue and memories.


Participe Passé

Participe Passé Eau de Parfum Inside an old school desk are leather-bound books, pencil sharpenings, and pack of toffees. Once again Serge takes us on a playful and delightful trip down memory lane...


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I believe that from the age of eight everything is done - that is to say, everything is filed away. The rest is to be remembered. After this age of reason...what we have seen, what we have loved, it is all the same. These memories are found. Creation for me is not an idea. Ideas are nothing...

...One doesn't make perfume uniquely from raw materials. A perfume is a composition of the mind, it's a personal experience, unexpected. It's not created in accord with society - it should be something that expresses a different view...

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