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Antonio Alessandria

Antonio Alessandria is trained perfumer with his own shop, boudoir 36, in Catania, Sicily. His passion for perfume has been lifelong, and at an early age it became apparent that his career choices were made for him.

At the end of his perfumery training with Moullettes & Co. in Italy and Cinquieme Sens in Paris, Antonio Alessandria started thinking about his own fragrance range that could represent his life and his experiences. So in 2008 he began to work on the first formula, without considering budget constraints on the cost of raw materials, choosing them only for their power of expression.

This approach continues to this day. Antonio's creations are unique for their uncompromising choices, the quality of the ingredients and the sheer potency that he's prepared to allow. Every perfume he creates throws out received convention, only to be replaced with combinations and aromatic collaborations that genuinely have the power to shock, astound, bemuse and finally delight. Perfumes that truly innovate but actually work and are eminently wearable.

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Nacre Blanche

Nacre Blanche Eau de Parfum 50ml The first perfume of the "lunar" trio is Nacre Blanche, (white "mother of pearl"), a powerful floral centred around the tuberose plant...


Nuit Rouge

Nuit Rouge Eau de Parfum 50ml Nuit Rouge, the second in "lunar trilogy" is perhaps one of the most startling perfumes creations ever, with a true power to surprise without ever losing sight of a seductive charm...


Noir Obscur

Noir Obscur Eau de Parfum 50ml An ode to the new moon when, hidden completely by shadow and totally black, it is but ever present, influencing our lives in a subtle but powerful way.



Eperdument Eau de Parfum 50ml The new fragrance by Antonio Alessendria, Eperdument, is inspired by the story of a young bride who leaves her beloved family and her land, her unique heritage, to meet and marry a stranger, in a distant land.


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