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Terry de Gunzberg

Haute Parfumerie
Terry de Gunzberg began her career as a studio make-up artist, becoming a trusted friend of the most prestigious names in photography and the cosmetic industry. In 1985 Terry began working with Yves Saint Laurent, developing for him the iconic "touche eclat" that is now synonymous with her name. It was Terry's ambition however, to develop her own unique and individual make-up range and in 1998 this dream came true as she launched her now-legendary make-up brand, By Terry.

2012 sees the birth of Terry's fragrance collection, featuring five luxurious and fascinating scents that have been 10 long years in the making. Inspired by her childhood on the golden Mediterranean shores, Terry de Gunzberg has taken fragrant memories to create an unforgettable and sensuous collection. Working tirelessly with perfumers at Robertet, the Grasse-based French natural ingredients supplier, Terry supervised and directed the development of each scent with the same deligence and precision that she did with her make-up: by carefully blending the most precious and expensive of natural ingredients with the very best of modern synthetics, every detail and each component has been fastidiously worked and re-worked until perfection is acheived, no matter how long or at what cost that process has demanded.

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Ombre Mercure

Ombre Mercure Eau de Parfum 100ml A powdery Iris with its natural facets of violet are enhanced here by the use of a cool foil of violet leaf and lifted with jasmine and rose; imparting a smokey, oriental exoticism which Terry has underscored beautifully with incense.


Lumiere d'Epice

Lumiere d'Epice Eau de Parfum 100ml Once again, with a beautiful crisp citrus underscored with light spices, Terry has given us something unique: more than just an insight, it's a gift, a souvenir, a present brought back from the past...


Reve Opulent

Reve Opulent Eau de Parfum 100ml Structurally intriguing, this opulent floral with natural Jasmine and Rose Absolute is a faultless example of modern perfumery architecture. Clean lines and an ergonomy of style. Terry has taken her floral tribute to new heights of luxury and sensuality. This scent will transport you.


Partis Pris

Partis Pris Eau de Parfum 100ml In a mysterious and sophistated woody-floral, Terry has pushed boundaries here through the use of exotic and rare materials little before seen in perfumery. Partis-Pris has redefined the modern classic!


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Each fragrance comes in an exquisite bottle that combines infinite roundness with sharp cubic edges. The curve of the bottle creates the feel of a talisman, contrasted with a sleek metal lid stamped with the name of the elixir. The outer packaging is inspired by coral, a favourite of the designer. It was her own carved coral necklace that influenced the design of the box, with its unique grain of rise pattern and vibrant colour revealing the designer.

Terry de Gunzburg fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Jacques Fleury, Arthur Le Tourneur d'Ison, Karine Vinchon Spehner and Sidonie Lancesseur.