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Malus Malus Malus Malus Malus

Price: £142.00
Size: 75ml
Fragrance Category: Spicy Oriental

Top Notes: Apple, frankincense, pink pepper
Heart Notes: Oman incense, cedar, myrrh, amber
Base Notes: Gaia wood, vetiver, musk, vanilla, sandalwood

The secret will remain hidden in a casket within us.

Hiding a secret! There is nothing more natural because no one, not even science, will ever be able to dig into our minds and hearts. Even the truth machine is not infallible.

Hidden and overwhelming truths hide imperturbably in our subconscious and force us to manipulate reality to make it perfect for others.

Behind the illusion of knowing others and exposing themselves through the images and words spent on social media there is clear evidence that what we write or what we read is the mirror of what we want to be and not of what we are really.

The secret will remain hidden in a casket within us and only comes out when we speak to ourselves in front of a mirror: because we cannot escape from ourselves alone.

Unless a tempting devil does not free the secret from the chains.

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