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Anonimo Veneziano

Anonimo Veneziano Anonimo Veneziano Anonimo Veneziano Anonimo Veneziano Anonimo Veneziano

Price: £142.00
Size: 75ml
Fragrance Category: Floral Oriental

Top Notes: Bergamot, tangerine, orange
Heart Notes: Cistus, indian jasmine, lotus flower, rose
Base Notes: Vanilla, patchouly, sandalwood

Ineffability is woman

Venice – the seductive and elegant female. A romantic love story amid the Venetian canals.

Anonimo Veneziano is the quintessence of womanliness. Like Venice, it’s a seductive and at the same time romantic fragrance. It is a masked ball where the first impressions belie the true hidden personality. Its balsamic scent notes are tailored with the citrus vibrancy of bergamot, red tangerine and Brazilian orange to create a magnificent though delicate veneer. Thanks to cistus, Indian jasmine, lotus flower and powdery vanilla, led by Damascean rose, a real masterpiece lie beneath, an equilibrium between naivety and sophistication, which sleeps on a patchouli and sandalwood base.

This is a female which expresses sensuality, for intriguing meetings, getting noticed but only revealing the true woman when the mask of the first impression is gently removed.

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