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Shamal Shamal Shamal Shamal Shamal

Price: £225.00
Size: 75ml
Fragrance Category: Fruity Oriental

Top Notes: Dates, apple
Heart Notes: Amber, incense
Base Notes: Musk.

There is a moment in the desert that leaves the observer in total awe. It happens when the day makes way for the night and the sky transforms, taking on shades from black to blue. The stars fill the heavens to keep the moon company. It is breath-taking. Unique and irresistible.

Nobile 1942's Shamal takes us back again to Arabia, to the Persian Gulf where a pearl fisherman is lying on his back, enjoying his view of the starry sky. It is his watch as lookout and pirates could attack at any moment, raiding the slender wooden boat loaded with pearls and cloths, undoing all their hard work as the boatmen diligently transport their goods from Oman to the Yemen.

The fisherman however is lulled by the lapping of the waves, a sound that takes him back to his childhood, caressed by the trade wind blowing, the Shamal; the wind that has relentlessly - over many years - shaped the dunes in the deserts. As the Shamal blows, among aromatic notes, gentle yet unceasing, bringing with it the fragrance of dates mixed with burning incense from the shores, the pearl fisherman lies there blissfully, as he gently succumbs to that temptress, sleep.

He lapses to daydreaming, as wrapped in velvet, the images circumnavigating his mind take him far, far away, where nothing is earthly, and everything seems light and fleeting, relieving his body of the day’s tiredness and reviving his spirit in a cloud of fragrance, becoming one with the night and the breeze.


  • Shamal is bottled beautifully in blue glass with a black carved wooden stopper. It comes in a blue leather case made from one piece of leather, hand-crafted by Venetian leather workers.

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