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1001 1001 1001 1001 1001

Price: £225.00
Size: 75ml
Fragrance Category: Woody Oriental

Top Notes: Bergamot, red tea, fresh ginger, pink pepper
Heart Notes: Papyrus flower, Turkish rose essence, grandiflorum jasmine absolute, iris, saffron, curcumin
Base Notes: Papyrus root, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, musk

It is the story of Scheherazade, the tale of a king who, outraged by his wife's infidelity, vows to take a new virgin bride each night, killing her at dawn ready for the next bride the next night. After one-thousand-and-one such brides, he weds Scherazade, who during her nuptial night tells a tale so intriguing that when dawn arrives and the story is not yet finished, the king spares her so she can return the following night to resume the tale. After a further 1,001 tales over 1,001 further nights, the king spares her life and marries her.

Scherazade then, speaks not only of love but of many tales, a woven web of intrigue and delight, and inspired by this story the perfumer has vowed to take us on our own magic carpet flight into the fantasy of other lands. And like Scherazade's stories, at the heart of this tale lies an exotic ingredient, an unkown and untold story. It is Papyrus, whose flower produces an oil scented of sweet 'damp paper', an allusion in itself to the stories and tales of old, and whose plant has been used since ancient times to record those writings.

Down below, in the base of this scent, we have Papyrus root, and coming from another grass plant in the vetiver tradition (also derived from the root), together with the Iris rhizome, we meet a very earthy, woody shadow to counterpoint the lightly presented florality of (very middle eastern!) Rose and Jasmine.

Sprinlked with ginger, tea, the dryness of saffron and the spiciness of turmeric, this scent is 'otherworldy' in the best possible tradition of Scherazade, with a scent unspoken before, and one you'll want to experience for 1,001 nights!

  • The perfume is presented in a gold coloured glass bottle with a carved wooden lid. The box is covered in suede and illustrated with arabic writing. The label reads "!..!" (arabic for "1001")

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