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Vetiver Oriental
Eau de Parfum

Vetiver Oriental Eau de Parfum Vetiver Oriental Eau de Parfum Vetiver Oriental Eau de Parfum Vetiver Oriental Eau de Parfum Vetiver Oriental Eau de Parfum

Price: £185.00
Size: 100ml
Fragrance Category: Woody Oriental

Top Notes: Sap, iris pallida
Heart Notes: Vetiver, gaiac wood, chocolate
Base Notes: Musk, amber, moss, sandalwood, labdanum

Vetiver has a noble and ancient connection with perfumery. Since the very earliest discovery of distillation when, after the very 'essence' of a flower had been captured (as a distilled 'essential' oil), the Islamic scientists of eight-century turned their alambric stills to woods and musk, and the vetiver root, once pounded to release its enchanting aroma, was next into the distillation pot. Still used today throughout the orient as a linen wash, vetiver has earthy, sweetly floral aromatic scent that by itself makes a great fragrance, witnessed in our collection and throughout history by other interpretations by other houses.

Serge Lutens has here combined the already distinctive 'rootiness' of vetiver with another perfumery root, that of the rhizome Iris Pallida, equal in its beauty and intensity as a perfumery ingredient of considerable 'personality'. With the theme thu established, the background chorus of gaiac, chocolate, amber and sandalwood harmonise the components into a perfume of remarkable balance.

There is but one word to describe the result: 'sophistication', a worldly-wise creation where east meets west to become the very essence of modern luxury. One the few true 'unisex' fragrances that brings something unique to either gender, Vetiver Oriental is not 'power dressing' of the old (and now sadly discontinued) scent Serge Noire; this is an eminently well-groomed and impeccably mannered scent, a fragrance that exudes luxury on every level.

  • The word vetiver, or vetyver in French, derives from the Tamil word "vettiveru" meaning 'useless' or 'worthless'. In India it is called "Khus"; and in Indonesia "Akar Wangi".
  • Vetiveria zizanioides is a wild grass that grows throughout the world. The essential oil is derived from distillation of the root (more recently and more efficiently by steam distallation).
  • The main producers of vetiver oil today are: India, Haiti, Java, Réunion Islands, China and Indonesia.

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