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La Vierge de Fer
Eau de Parfum

La Vierge de Fer Eau de Parfum La Vierge de Fer Eau de Parfum La Vierge de Fer Eau de Parfum La Vierge de Fer Eau de Parfum La Vierge de Fer Eau de Parfum

Price: £185.00
Size: 100ml
Fragrance Category: Floral

Top Notes: Lily
Heart Notes: Pear
Base Notes: Sandalwood

La Vierge de Fer is a revisitation by Serge Lutens to a previously successful formula: that of "Beauty for Beauty's sake". Reminiscent of Serge's three other floral masterpeices (eg the orange flower perfume Fleurs d'Oranger, the rose-based Santal Majescule and the osmanthus soliflore Nuits de Cellophane), Serge has here allowed the Lily flower centre stage. Lily is a powerful scent - heady, intoxicating, opulent, above all exquisite. Tempered and counter-balanced in this creation by the cleanliness and lightness of pear, we witness a quite sublime combination, given richness and depth by the underlying woodiness of sandalwood.

It wouldn't be a stretch too far to say this is one of Serge's most successful creations of recent years. Where many of his latest releases have their roots in his childhood memories and experiences, often giving them an unusual and unexpected twist (which is, after all, Serge's modus operandi), La Vierge de Fer (yes, he kept the twist for the name - we're interpretting it as Iron Maiden, not the rock band but as in Joan of Arc), the scent is readily accessible and immediately recognisable as one of the most beautiful perfumes of the modern era.

Too heavy and heady for daywear? Not a bit of it. This is to be sure an opulent, poweful and very 'present' scent, but the cleanliness and lightness of the pear gives it sufficient radiance to be a long-lasting all-rounder suitable for any time of day. Beauty, in this case, doesn't keep hours.

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