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Le Vainqueur
Eau de Parfum

Le Vainqueur Eau de Parfum Le Vainqueur Eau de Parfum Le Vainqueur Eau de Parfum Le Vainqueur Eau de Parfum Le Vainqueur Eau de Parfum

Price: £155.00
Size: 100ml
Fragrance Category: Fresh Citrus Amber

Top Notes: Grapefruit, bergamot, ginger, melon, mandarin
Heart Notes: Lavender, geranium, jasmine
Base Notes: Sandalwood, vetiver, iris, leather, amber, musk

The letters that Napoleon wrote to Josephine from his military campaigns after they became lovers in 1795 are long and passionate testimonies to his love and devotion to her. But together with his ardent declarations of his obsession, were also sent other tokens of his love, flowers and trinkets and, from Italy where he was fighting the Piedmont’s and Austrian armies, he sent her small bottles of Farina's Eau de Cologne.

Napoléon and Joséphine were both huge consumers of colognes and perfumes. Napoleon enjoyed the 'eau de cologne' style of scent - his favourite was a very light blend of citrus fruit, ‘Eau de Cologne’ by Houbigant. In fact, he enjoyed it so much he used up to 60 bottles every month, pouring it into his very hot baths when on campaign, rubbing it into his skin and, it was said, occassionally taking a small sip before battle 'for fortitude'.

Before his coronation in December 1802, Napoleon asked perfume maker François Rancé to create perfumes for himself and Josephine. He gave Rancé specific instructions. His own perfume should not overpower Josephine’s but when the couple were together their scents should merge into a harmonious and unique scent. Rancé created ‘Le Vainqueur’ (the Victor) and ‘L’Impératrice’ (the Empress), which today have been recreated to the original recipes by Rance (‘L’Impératrice’ has since been renamed ‘Joséphine’).

"Le Vainquer" (the 'Victor') with its fresh citrus notes, recreates the 'eau de cologne' style favoured by the emperor and draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean atmosphere of Napoleon's youth.

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