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Versilia Platinum
Eau de Parfum

Versilia Platinum Eau de Parfum Versilia Platinum Eau de Parfum Versilia Platinum Eau de Parfum Versilia Platinum Eau de Parfum Versilia Platinum Eau de Parfum

Price: £198.00

Fragrance Category: Woody Chypre

Top Notes: Bergamot, grapfruit, pink pepper, rhubarb, myrrh
Heart Notes: Geranium, freesia, magnolia, rose, lily-of-the-valley
Base Notes: Vanilla, immortelle, orak moss, incense, cedar wood, vetiver, patchouli

Gold and Platinum:

Day and night.

Male ego, feminine essence.

The obvious and the secret.

Brilliant gold of noble purity.

Archaic platinum, mysterious alchemy.

Precious metals to describe the fragrance of Versilia and the never-ending magic of a multifaceted place.

Treasures that become fragrances, intangible scents to decline new virtues of an extraordinary land, to add new details to the emotions of a holiday, to give colour and shape to memories of sea, pinewoods, summer.

Aurum and Platinum are olfactory joys, brilliant perfumes, fragrant bullions of the elegance of Versilia, in a limited edition. Unique and precious. Fire of eternal opposties: sun and moon, day and night, gold and silver. The scent starts fresh and spicy with citrus notes, becoming rich in floral aromas - geranium, freesia, rose, lily-of-the-valley...and finally it becomes warm and intense, recalling the woody tones of cedar, the dry notes of vetiver and the exotic tones of incense and patchouli. A strong but yet enigmatic fragrance.

From the diary of a Maître Parfumeur
"That day I almost reached the peaks of the Apuan Alps, lost in contemplation of the sea. I was caught between two very different worlds that I embraced in one glance: the burning sun of the beaches and the glassy reflex on the marble mountains behind me; the intense blues of the Tyrrhenian sea and the powerful greens of the chestnut woods; the fleeting beauty of the beach-side summer and eternal austerity of the fiery part of Versilia. I imagined the charm of a perfume recalling that landscape, heir of distant moods, ductile and mysterious, familiar yet different from any other perfume. A unique fragrance, as unique as the most precious metal, platinum".

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