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Saffron Rose
Eau de Parfum

Saffron Rose Eau de Parfum Saffron Rose Eau de Parfum Saffron Rose Eau de Parfum Saffron Rose Eau de Parfum Saffron Rose Eau de Parfum

Price: £192.00
Size: 50ml
Fragrance Category: Spicy Rose

Top Notes: Saffron, rose, cinnamon
Heart Notes: Myrrh, oud wood, tobacco
Base Notes: Castoreum, sandalwood, labdanum, amber, guaiacwood

Created in 2012 for Grossmith's new "Black Label" range, Saffron Rose is an authentic and complex oud scent combining saffron and rose to create a wonderfully rich and opulent scent. This striking composition entices with spicy notes of saffron and cinnamon, supported by a beautiful rose.

The heart is comprised of exotic myrrh, oud wood and tobacco, which lend a stunning smoky quality to the fragrance, developing into a luxurious base of creamy woods, labdanum and dark animalic accords.

Perfumer: Trevor Nicholl (Robertet) 2012

Ingredients notes:
  • Myrrh – fragrant gum resin from tree native to Yemen & East Africa
  • Oud – resin released by the Agar tree to protect itself from a fungus that decomposes its bark and branches
  • Castoreum – animalic note originally derived from the North American beaver but now synthetically produced
  • Guaiacwood – oil steam distilled from a South American tree called Palo Santo

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