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L'Eau Froide
Eau de Parfum

L'Eau Froide Eau de Parfum L'Eau Froide Eau de Parfum L'Eau Froide Eau de Parfum L'Eau Froide Eau de Parfum L'Eau Froide Eau de Parfum

Price: £95.00
Size: 50ml
Fragrance Category: Fresh Musky Oriental

Top Notes: Lemon, mint
Heart Notes: Sea water
Base Notes: Olibanum, musk, incense, vetiver, cedar wood

Launching his new fragrance L'eau Serge in 2009, Serge Luten said "I dislike 'Cologne' but I love the feeling of freshness that it gives at the beginning, but which unfortunately fades after couple of hours…I wanted to create my own collection of Eau, a real Eau de perfume: a long lasting freshness which lasts for hours" .

With L'eau Froid (Cold Water), Serge has reinterpretted that desirable freshness by creating a cold perfume which becomes very delicate on the skin. The fragrance provides a minty feeling – icy even - and whereas Serge described his original L'eau as "more starched" the new one is, he says the new L'eau is "more polar, neutral, colder".

This is not simply acheived through the citrus, mint or even Sea Water (yes, it really is there - there really is a salty waterness amongst it all). While Serge has kept L’eau Froide actually very warm, despite its name, through the use of four different musks (there's actually around 27 different synthetic musks on the market available to perfumers, all with different degrees of 'muskiness', ranging in price from a few pence to a many thousands of pounds. Not unreasonably, given that the animal has to die and is an endangered species anyway, within the European Union, real musk from the Musk Deer is banned) he has cleverly interwoven these with incense from Somalia which, he says, he has chosen for its particular freshness:

Within the Sayhad desert, along the ancient kingdom of Sabea, grow a handful of incense trees which can survive with almost no water. The thick nourishing sap that they produce has a surprisingly fresh scent. It is not a burnt, religious kind of incense, but one that is fresh and purified with musks that diffuse on the skin.”

The result is as expected - a cologne, Serge's cologne. Fresh, warm, acquatic, but avoiding all the cliche's of a cologne that Serge so hated.

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