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Nuits de Cellophane
Eau de Parfum

Nuits de Cellophane Eau de Parfum Nuits de Cellophane Eau de Parfum Nuits de Cellophane Eau de Parfum Nuits de Cellophane Eau de Parfum Nuits de Cellophane Eau de Parfum

Price: £185.00
Size: 100ml
Fragrance Category: Floral

Top Notes: Mandarine
Heart Notes: Chinese osmanthus

"Night embodied in scent and sight. Chinese Osmanthus." [Serge Lutens]

Cellophane – A material created in 1908. It is both a functional and a beautifying material when wrapped around a bouquet of flowers, or candies, making them seem more fragile and precious, as if kept under crystal panes or ultra-shiny brittle silk. Its plastic quality gives it a hard edge and a modernist sense of romanticism once you associate it with flower gifts.

Nuit de Cellophane is much more subtle and smooth when dabbed on rather than sprayed on. The bottle offers both options (the package contains a screw-on cap and a spray nozzle.) You can choose the application-method you like the best - Dabbing offers a more classic sense of harmonious balance, spraying on is more about the "crinkly sound" of cellophane.

A floral fragrance, luminous and pure, with slightly fruity hints.

    Ingredient note:
  • Chinese Osmanthus is warm and sensual with a note not dissimilar to Jasmine. Osmanthus plants range in size from shrubs to small trees. The flowers are produced in spring, summer or autumn, each flower being about 1 cm long, white, with a five-lobed tubular-based corolla ('petals'). The flowers grow in small panicles, and in several species have a strong fragrance.

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